Hafa Adai from Guam

Now that I have time, I can post old, old pictures. I just remembered this because I was just there a few days ago.

These pics are from a visit to Guam in 2010, the only time I went around the island.

I've been coming to Guam since 2006 for work and it  usually involves a pretty hectic schedule. Meaning, by the time we land in Guam at around 4 am, it usually means a short transit to the nearby island of Saipan, or going straight to the hotel to catch an hour or two of sleep before we begin the scheduled meetings or events.

I swiped these from a friend's FB account because I honestly could not remember where I saved my photos.

Admiring the view. Hmm, I can't recall clearly but this maybe a place called "The Old Man by the Sea"
Some tourists having fun at a watering hole

The breeze was perfect this day-- it is rare to inhale unpolluted air coming from someone from an overpopulated metropolis
Ay, may kalabaw!

A very relaxed shot, my favorite from the batch.

Guam does not lack of beautiful scenery.

At a dock.

Hmm, another oldie moment. I remember my friend mentioned this is where Magellan landed when he came to Guam.

A better shot of the bay.

Scared of this floating walkway.


Passing by another village.

What is misisng here is a picture from one of Guam's most known spots: Two Lover's Point. Maybe, in the coming years I will be able to visit that place.

I also don't have pictures of my fave place in all of Guam. The Guam Premiere Outlet!!! Maybe I am always raring to shop, with so little time that's why I do not have pictures. I can spend one whole day here just going around Nine West, Payless, Naturalizer, BCBG and Ross.

I should probably do a Guam post part 2 to share my favorite food haunts in that place.

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