Halloween Past and Present

And by past and present, I just meant this year and last year.

Here is Jared last year at 6 months old. As an excited mom (make that super excited), he had a total of 3 costumes. He first wore this pumpkin romper matched with skull studded baby legs. He rocks here.

Then for the actual trick or treat at the office, he was one of snow white's dwarfs.

Unfortunately, I can't find his picture wearing the plush dalmatian costume. It was too hot to wear anyway, even with the aircon on.

Now at 1 1/2, he already has a mind of his own and absolutely refused to wear his batman costume. Instead of making him cry by insisting he don the cape and all, I let him be. I want him happy and comfortable for the party.
Now, I wonder what he'll come as to the party next year. An astronaut maybe?

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