Sprucing up the Garden

Around this time two years ago, we made a minor home improvement. We had the little patch of land we fondly call our garden landscaped.

This time, we decided it's time to make the front "lawn" a little bit more presentable. I didn't like the high maintenance blue grass or carabao grass because I know we won't have time to water them often. And cutting takes time, patience and buckets of sweat.

Concrete or paving the front is out of the question. So, the next best thing is lay some bricks and add plants in front.

The boy woke up just as the gardeners were unloading their stuff at 8 am.

First order of the day was to pull out the weeds that were threatening to eat the garden alive. =)

It only took the gardeners, around 4-5 of them, one whole day to dig and level the soil.

Lay down the bricks, fill the gaps with sand. Jared is here helping tidy up the garden.

Plant a few greens

And this itsy bitsy lawn is done

This was an ingenious addition to the garden. We had a pipe running beneath the first layer of soil, with holes in it to function as an improvised sprinkler. Now, no need to water the plants one by one. Life made easier.I love it.


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