Make up Class at Suesh-- I Finally Did it!

I am a firm believer that if you don't know, call for help. And that I did.

It has been in several resolutions list to finally start putting on makeup, or learn how to properly do it.
Honestly, I buy make up because I find the packaging  cute. Or unique. Or both. I've wasted a lot of money this way because with make up, you just have to use it. It expires.
So with December only a few days away, I wanted to finally fulfill that long standing resolution.
One a random visit at the mall two weeks ago, I chanced upon this cute make up store. While browsing the racks, the sales attendants must have felt my helplessness. One offered their make up classes-- and for P2,000 pesos it comes with a free 5-piece make up brush kit I think worth P1,300, and a make up palette worth P350. Not bad at all.

The 4 hour basic class was all hands-on. I brought my new eyeshadow palette kit so I might make full use of it but borrowed the rest from the shop--brushes, foundation/ BB cream, concealer, even one lipstick and eyeliner.

So, I started with a bare, mosturized face. Hmm, too bare. But this is how i usually go out of the house.

One thing I learned was enhancing the eyebrows made a lot of difference! And to think I only learned it this year.

We used BB cream as base, then put concealer under the eyes, and on the sides of the nose.

Slowly looking presentable

After the day make up, we were taught to emphasize the eyes some more and by using a darker liner and darker shadow.

Below is my night time make up (but I think I can still use this as day make up)

And this make up class will not be complete until after I've sat on this chair.

The store from the outside. It's located at the new wing of ATC almost in front of J.Co and a few steps away from Bannaple.

The transformation.
Upper left: night time make up
Upper right: no make up look
Lower right: day make up
Lower left: my classmates and instructor

So, was my P2,000 investment worth it?

You bet!!!!! It's just the cost of having your make up and hair done professionally once.
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Charisse Yungco-Salvador said...
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Got to Believe said...

hi cha,

thanks for dropping by. they have regulat sched but don't offer the basic class every week kasi they have the advanced and pro also. check out their fb page to be sure. =)

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