Who are the People in your Neighborhood?

Jared found it terribly amusing that his mom and dad knows this song that he sang one day after school. A very apt song for their assignment of the week. They were asked to cut pictures of people in the community and enumerate their importance.

We figured it might be more interesting if we have him meet the people and see the places in our community instead of just cutting images from a magazine or a book.

First stop was the neirhborhood sastre or sewer. Sadly, nobody is at the shop when we arrived.

This is Jared's and his Dad's barber, just next door to the sastre.

With the friendly tricycle drivers in front of the church.

It was a Sunday and the priests are busy so we contended ourselves with this picture just outside our parish.

At the park.

At the fire station.

The fireman even asked if we need him to wear his full gear. Although that will be picture perfect, that will just be too much of a hassle.
His second time to be on this fire truck.


On our way to the gardener's place, we passed by these men busy working on the roadside. After daddy explained the boy's assignment, we took this picture with them on the background.

Nobody is there at the Barangay Hall so we asked him to pose in front of the bright building.

And this police station is only several meters away from the Barangay hall.

The garden, but no gardener in sight.

And lastly, the butchers at the grocery.

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