Stuck at the Singapore Airport

We had a 4 hour layover in Singapore on our way to Cambodia.  Thankfully, the Changi Airport is big and we had lots of nooks to check out.

Rest your eyes in this refreshing patch of green. We passed by several small gardens like this.

Free massage! Too bad I wasn't wearing socks. I was a bit hesitant to just put my feet there. These massage chairs are all over the airport.

Convenient, indeed. You can charge your phone in this station, lock it, get the key and shop or eat around first.

I missed my boy when I saw this giant indoor slide. If you have kids, you can easily spend an hour or two here.

There are large pods like this where you can watch TV. There are also numerous computer kiosks to access the net for free.

I wasn't able to take pics of the shops and the restaurants-- I spent a good part of that 4 hour wait looking at the cosmetics counters. So many to choose from, so confusing! So in the end, I did not buy any. =) I also saw a big art station with wooden blocks of arts for kids and adults to enjoy.

We stayed at the Singapore Changi Terminal 2. I wouldn't mind another 4 hour wait if the airport is this nice.

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