Our Long Weekend

It has been a pretty hectic year for this mom, work-wise. The reason why I had less posts, less outings, less arts and crafts. But the 4 day long weekend and  re-energized me (and then made me tired again) simply because we got to enjoy our little boy fot 4 straight days.
A toast to the great results of his 2nd quarter exams.
You might be seeing this angry bird shirt in several posts. As his current fave, this is wash and wear.
Here he is enjoying the display at SM-- then this toppled over scaring him in the process.

The race track at Festivall Mall where he gets to take his chosen car for a few spins around the area. This I think is the best bump car (if you wiill call it that) place we have tried. Only P40 per ride, which will take you 4 or 5 rounds in this well-organized and big track.

We used to take him often to MOA Bayside in the mornings, but that dwindled when I got busy, too. Look at our boy run!

Now he likes boats, ships, trains (still), airplanes, tracks and anything in the solar system. He was fascinated by all the birds hovering above this docked boat.

Carousel ride!

We ended that Friday with a long, sweet kiss.

Cemetery visits will be in another post.


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