What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year, we put up our first ever Christmas tree. It was exactly how I want it to be. The husband of course would be happy with what I come up with and my then 3 year old looked up to me in awe of our wonderful tree.

Our red and gold tree

Fast forward to about 11 months and the now 4 year old has declared it is his tree and he will decorate it.

Knowing my days will be busy again, and to make up for some lost days with the boy, we decided to bring out the tree earlier this year.

He wanted to tear open the box.

And then, with the star in hand, acted as the boss of the entire spectacle.

I still think this tree is way tooo thin...

Would you be able to guess our theme for this year???
I still think it's not an appropriate theme for a tree. I mean, angry???

But surely, our boy and the birds are the star this year. And I am just too happy to smile from the sideline.

He kept re-arranging the entire thing!

And here is our bird-infested tree. I must add some nest!

1 comment:

Madam Misis Mummy said...

i wont show this post to Aki at baka isipin niya pang papayagan ko siyang gawing Avengers ang theme ng tree namin.

and oh, I love how bright and cheer-y your kitchen is

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