The Cat in the Hat

Armed with my trusty sewing kit, my one and only- had it since 5th grade - I tackled the Herculean task of making a costume for the boy's book month parade.
It could have been a simple affair if I was content with making it out of Carolina. But no, I had to make this nice. And in my book, nice often translates to complicated.
So, at 4 am on a Sunday, I cut and sewed and tried to recall exactly how it is done. In my recent memory, I could only remember sewing a missing button by hand. And even that did not come out really cleanly.
This project was the best effort of a trying hard, DIY mom.
I stared long and hard at this kit trying to convince myself that I can do this.
I used felt to fashion a big red bow and a white pear shaped felt to act as the body fur.
Then I place malleable wire inside 2 felt cloth for the long and wiggly tail.
Putting the top part of the hat.
Not professional quality yet, but this will pass for me and my pre schooler.
Slowly taking shape.
Ah yes. After 4 hours, the costume is ready.

The cat....
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