Manila Ocean Park Visit

It was a long overdue visit. I didn't want to go when it first opened because of the crowd, and P500-P600 seemed a little too expensive given the feedback that some areas are not ready yet.

We waited I think a good 2 years, and only went because we were able to get tickets at a very good price.

Our day started with Mcdo, our favorite meal of the day!

Happy boy Jared waiting for breakfast!

Here he is in front of a giant fish, maybe an arapaima? Jared loves the Nat Geo show where they catch fish in the wild... the really big ones.

Sharing the experience with grandma.


"Smile for the camera, Jared". "Like this, mom?" FPJ look.

Take 2. Now, that's much better!

Nice shot.

Looking at sharks at this picture. We asked him, "how big is the shark's mouth?". This was his answer.

At the tunnel. We were fortunate to come on day with almost no schools having field trips. I can imagine this place must be hot if filled with students. That time, we took our time in going through each of the exhibit areas.

We goofed around for the camera.

Soon, we got hungry. While waiting for the next show times, we went around to check on the restaurants. Then, finally settled for Gerry's Grill. Comfort food.

This Gerry's outlet has a nice outdoor area. It was still too sunny during lunch time but would be perfect for early dinner. 
After lunch, it was time for the shows!
First stop, the sea lion show. Good thing it was windy so that made the heat of the noonday sun bearable.
And for P300, we lined up to touch the sea lion and have a picture with him. He's so hesitant to smile for the camera and kept looking at his slick, black, new friend on the side.


Next stop, the Bird show.

Giving his approval to the whole Ocean Park experience.

The scared look after the albino python was brought on stage.

We were sweaty and tired after a few hours, but still gamely posed for this shot.

I promised the little one we'll spend a night here and see the other attractions next time.


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