DIY: Regrouting our Bathroom Floor

Like with most things, this one started small.

It started with a weekend trip to Wilcon where the agenda was just to look around.

But, you cannot really just look. You have to dream, imagine, put things together, compute, then demand. =)

I saw these nice and reasonably priced matwood floors. Compared every brand available there, then called a sales associate to ask for a quotation.

When she gave me the computation, I was heart-broken to hear it would cost way more than loose change. And even with reasoning, which turned to pleading , then to threatening the husband, he alas would not relent.

And reminded me that this is the year we promised not to spend on anything major and instead save.

So we went home with a heavy heart. Sad about the bathroom, he allowed me to buy a few miscellaneous items here and there.

I equipped myself with the few tools needed to regrout the bathroom floor.

something to scrape off the grout with

I had that feeling that I had to do something house-related. Anything that will be the replacement of that supposed bedroom floor renovation.

I put my whole heart to it, and several afternoons to boot.

Our house was built in 2008, the year our son was born. Fairly new, still. Unfortunately, the contractor did not do a good job in the bathroom. Specifically on the grout. It made our bathroom floor look dingy and old. Even with cleaning, and scrubbing.

I finally gave up on this floor after trying out all the available commercial cleaners I can find, and after formulating a dozen or so homemade cleaning recipes.

It was doomed. It looked doomed.

Until that lightbulb idea at Wilcon.

Look at this yucky, yucky floor!


And here's what it looked like after I slaved it in there: scraping, scrubbing and sealing the grout. Yes the grout should be sealed for protection.

It's not perfect, but for my investment of just less than P300.00 (plus a lot of sweat and achy arms for days), our bathroom floor now looks, well, acceptable.

 With this recent success, I am dreaming of more beautification projects:

- spray paint the cheap looking curtain rods from silver to oil-rubbed bronze
- re-upholster our orange lounge chair, or whatver you call it
- spray paint some more ornaments a bright and happy turquoise
- re-grout the other bathroom

Wish we have more long weekends so I can accomplish the above.

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