All in a Day

Too bad I didn't have a camera today because it would for sure be a picture-packed post.

Here's what happened to us today:

1. Cooked and ate breakfast at home (rare these days because we usually just eat breakfast at Mcdo)
2. Heard mass
3. Had water delivered (Maynilad, kailan dadaloy ang ginhawa?)
4. Went thrifting at Bangkal. Most shops were closed plus the whisper of a disapproving husband was very distracting. Next time Tati, come with me.
5. Send smart money for our soon to be kasambahay (Thank goodness!)
6. Ate at Mcdo (again)
7. Had tires replaced (yes, all four)
8. Had car carpet replaced by a vendor who measured and cut that mat roll on the spot. Cool.(finally!)
9. Planned to buy my power sander but postponed this
10. Picked up the aircon
11. Dropped by Ruins at BF to look around but before we got to Ruins we...
12. Dropped by 2 furniture makers and inquired (expensive--esp after coming from a Bangkal excursion)
13. Had a snack of Kopi Roti at Pergola (loved the area, so literally cool)
14. Got back home and checked on the flightless bird who seemed to make our house its temporary nest
15. Watched HP 7 part 1 on DVD
16. Had dinner and put the tot to sleep
17. Blogged

Wow! No wonder the boy was asleep 5 minutes after his head hit the pillow.

we saw an accident at SLEX. hope the man riding the motorcycle was okay.

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