It All Started 10 Years Ago

Last May 5 marked the 10th year I've known my husband. We met in grad school and we have totally different vesrions of how that fateful meeting went. We met the day we took the entrance exam to grad school.

It was not a well-thought out plan, my entry to grad school. It came because I was bored and wanted to do something after work that would be a deviation from our mall or Malate nights.

It was a good thing I passed but now, looking back, I wonder if Veritas Prep could have taken the stress out of thinking if I passed or not.

We decided to pursue our graduate studies at UP Manila because of its proximity to both our work places ( I walked to school from the office on most days) and because of ur loyalty to our alma mater but if money wasn't an issue, I for sure would have explored studies elsewhere and Houston gmat prep would have been a great resource.

A few days from now, we'll mark our 10th year anniversary as a couple. It was in grad school where it all started. Beautiful friendships and this relationship now blessed with a son.

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