To the Principal's Office

From friends telling their own tales of dealing with principals and teachers, we expected we'd be in this situation maybe 4-5 years from now. Definitely not in his first formal year of school, and most definitely not in the first 2 months.

But, it's not really to the principal's offce. Let's say we were called by Teacher for "small talk".

The boy apparently hit a classmate. It's what his teacher wrote on his diary.

Not because I am the mother, but I know him. My son doesn't hit, doesn't grab toys out of another kid's hand. I've been bringing him to the playground for more than 2 years and if there's anything he's learned there aside from developing stronger muscles and limbs, it is (1) no hitting and (2) wait for your turn.

So we went for that talk. And I was right. It's not really hitting in that context. Jared was so excited because he has another really energetic classmate, went up to that boy and put his hands on the other boy's chest. No one was really hurt.

Still we gave him the talk. Of not hitting. He said he's a good boy in class.

Teacher also said he threw the mongo seeds used in an art project in class and when teacher was offering him a tissue, he shred t into pieces and threw that at teacher, too.(this one I believe)

My boy. I had to remind myself he is just 3 years old and the youngest in class.

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ivymarasigan said...

na-alarm ako sa title. hehe. pero yeah they're just three yr olds. ok lang yun :)

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