The Tale of the Good Samaritan

Okay first things first. I think I'm a fairly good driver. I also still believe in the innate goodness of people.

This story contradicts the first statement but validates the second. I'll take that anytime.

So, the story is one day at the parking lot of a supermarket, I chanced upon an empty parking slot. Didn't mind the directions that I was supposed to enter the other way. I was in a hurry before another car beats me to it.

In my haste, I got myself in a situation that I cannot get out of, literally. I was an inch away from the next car and could not maneuver the car. I was still cool but my sister was getting nervous. Several attempts later, I was still stuck and clueless on what to do.

Until a nice gentle giant (he was big) approached and asked if we needed help. Of course I said yes.

He took the drivers seat and he was out in about 10 seconds.

So there. Thank you good samaritan.

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