Picnic at Luneta After the New Year

I just mentioned here that our big family used to celebrate birthdays at Luneta. Sadly, we have not visited the place as a family in years (I sometimes jog around the area), not because we are unwilling to, but the place is looking more and more like a dump, and there is a proliferation of very "colorful" characters.

But word is Luneta is being spruced up again and last Dec 31, a lot of people gathered there to watch the dancing fountain, fireworks and to welcome the new year.

It was full of trash when we got there, its a sea of trash. But I won't post photos in case you get turned off. I'm thinking it's an isolated case, given the number of people there and the lack of trash cans... but it is a bit icky. We had to ask a sweeper to clean a bit of green/grass area so we can spread our blankets.

people watching

kite watching. too bad i don't have pics of the kites

playing ball with second cousin Daphne

amazed at the signs and sounds of Luneta

back to the base after running with Daddy

just lazing around

We'll try to ride the Thomas train going around the park next time.

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