I’d Take the Sun Anytime

December in the Philippines in 2010 was welcomingly cool. The type where you can put on a light jacket and still feel comfortable, where the air conditioner isn’t necessary to get a good night’s sleep.

That’s the weather I like. Cool but the sun’s rays still leave a tingling feeling on your skin.

Given a choice between extremely hot and extremely cold, I’d take the former.

I have not seen snow and maybe after the novelty of playing with it for some time, I’m sure it will wear off and I’ll be yearning for the heat and warmth again.

During a recent trip to China, it was winter time and even if the weather forecast said it's 4 degrees, the wind factor made it so much colder.

So, I wrapped myself in 4 layers of clothes... and I still did not feel warm enough.

Arrrggghhh, I'm really a girl of the tropics.

p.s. next time I should probably invest on those fur lines boots. My feet were freezing.

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