What was on the Table?

This is a belated New Year post.

Blame it on age. =) My reason for the delay in posts.

But better late than never, here’s what we prepared to welcome the new year.

On the table:
- Beef Steak : it’s the blackish looking dish on the picture. Doesn’t look appetizing but tastes divine. Sarap, exactly how beef steak should taste like
- Seafood curry: the first time I made this imbento dish, I used fish, squid and shrimp. This time, I omitted the fish because it became too soft the first time. This was also delicious and quite colorful, too.
- Mixed Vegetables with quail eggs c/o mama
- Lumpiang Shanghai: the few times I will eat lumpia, it should be like this. Small and in bite size pieces so the meat inside will be fully cooked.

We only had 4 dishes, yet preparation took the whole morning, I’m not kidding.

I was too sleepy to take pictures when the clock struck 12, and besides our little one is sleeping. He woke up 15 minutes after 12 and got scared of all the noise. Mommy’s main preoccupation then was to make him feel secure and put him back to sleep.

I hope next year, he’ll be able to enjoy the festivities more. This time, he's more excited to play with Thomas and friends.

1 comment:

Chie Vallesteros said...

My son loves Thomas and Friends too. OA sometimes. But nakakatuwa di ba? May expression pa siya na "bother, bother, bother!". Ala Fat Controller :)

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