Blessed. Happy. Grateful. Loved.

That has been my YM status the past week, and it couldn't be more true.

In the frenzy of the holiday season, I always hark how things get so expensive (shrimps were expensive and it forced me to change our Christmas eve menu at the last minute), how I have so many cousins to give gifts to, how my cousins now have children of their own to give more gifts to, how traffic is crazy and how, in spite of the long weekends and holidays, we never get to just chill at home.

But still, I wouldn't trade running around the metro to meet friends, old and new; madly dashing to the bazaar and the mall, mall to the bazaar to buy some more gifts and staying up till 2 am to wrap gifts for anything.Dec 27 at High Street with college friends

Dec 19 at home with UP friends

Dec 5 playdate for south-based N@w mommies and kids

I see Christmas in our toddler excitedly tearing the gift wrapper to unearth yet another Thomas item.

I see Christmas in my extended family trying to keep tradition alive. It's not exactly easy gathering members from various families in one place on Christmas Day. But we do it, no matter how cramped the space, no matter where. When we were younger, we used to spend Christmas and birthdays at Luneta!

I see Christmas as the kids get bigger every year. I treasure this moment because sometime soon, these kids will have parties of their own and we'll not have a picture as priceless as these.

Merry Christmas to all and cheers to the coming year!!!

May 2011 be good to all of us.

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