Resolutions and this time, I hope I keep them

my new year resolutions are ultimately for this boy--yes even the make up part so he'll have a beautiful mommy =)

I’m not one to write resolutions—because I don’t like the burden at the end of the year thinking what I have not done yet.

But now that I’m the ripe, old age of 33, maybe now is the time to start writing down the stuff I want and been meaning to do. Maybe writing it down is the push that I need to start, maintain and achieve them.

I pray I’ll be able to accomplish at least half of what’s on my list come year-end. These range from the trivial to some important life goals (in no particular order).

Write – as in write more in this blog, write more for work, and write as in practice my penmanship. My handwriting is getting less and less legible as the years go by. I used to have really nice handwriting.

A brand new gray Toyota Innova- we’re happy with Ate Vi (our Vios) and it has served as well the past years but we almost can’t fit here anymore and we’d like to take road trips in the future. This is very specific because I read somewhere that when you pray, you have to really state what you want.

Wear make up- I want to learn how to apply make up and look polished at the office everyday. I can’t get away with the unmade up face already—my fine lines are beginning to show.

Be healthier- I’ve blogged about this goal and even bought outfits, rubber shoes and a gym bag to boot but we have not sustained this. I want to be more physically active, maybe even try Frisbee, start jogging again, and really, really plan healthy, home cooked meals.

Save, save , save- the past 2 years were spend, spend , spend. Not on ourselves but for the delivery, the vaccines, then house mortgage etc and other loans. This year, we can breathe a little, we’ve adjusted to our expenses, and now we’re projecting we can save properly again.

Take vacations- this year, I vow to take at least 2 3 or 4-day vacations. To where, I do not know yet…

So there, now that its finally out, I need to start working on them.

Happy New Year!!!

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KateGladstone said...

These may help with your handwriting:


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