Fun at High Street

Okay, so High Street must have been about 3 years old already?
And last December was our first time there.

Me and Jared's dad (who is also my husband--haha) think Makati, or Taguig, is too far from where we live.

But it is pretty and kid friendly and that visit isn't going to be the last.

It's refreshing to have that greenery, and to actually be able to step on it and run around until you get tired makes it a double treat.jared happily runs in zig zag fashion while his tired dad looks defeated in the background

Jared had us running after him probably the whole 3 hours we were there. He wanted to:

throw his train in the fountain

to play with the cute dogs

to make friends with another kid (Heyo, wha chor name? I Jayed-translation: Hello, what's your name? I'm Jared)

to people watch

I think he wants to do everything he can think of--and is capable of doing--at the same time.

He was jumping for joy really.

We'll be back here, during the morning, to take a peek at Mercato Centrale.

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march on... said...

we'd love to bring the kids there one day, it's a kid (and dog) friendly place :)

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