On most days, I let Jared take the lead in choosing his books. Especially in mama's house where there are plenty lying around, he gets to choose whatever he feels like reading.

But when my friend Maqui wrote about this book, I was compelled to find a copy. I am always thankful and pray that they don;t close shop, that there is a Booksale at the ground floor of our ofifce building. I run there for emergency assignments and to look for certain books.

I succeeded on my first try.

So one weekend, I took out the book and let the boy sit beside me.

Curious about the content.

Even if he can read on his own, I wanted to read this to him. He was absorbed...

until  the middle of the book when his eyes got watery.

Here he is after we finished the book. My poor baby got so affected he cried and declared he never wanted to see that book again.

The book now rests inside a cabinet. I will take it out again when he's ready... someday.

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Anonymous said...

ready na ako maiyak kaso bigla akong natawa sa reaction ni Jared. :)

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