I Shop for Clothes at the Grocery! And other revealing facts about me

I can't hide it. I like shopping, and I like nice things. But I'm also afraid that one day, we might not have saved enough. And that one day might come soon.

So, now I have to find a balance in saving and buying. And my, it's one hard feat.

Until I discovered just how much more fun grocery shopping can be! That is where I found my answer.

See, I like new things, but they don't have to be expensive.

Grocery shopping has always been my stress reliever. I don't like carrying lists and besides, even if I buy a wee bit more than usual-- we still consume them eventually, right?

So one day, while going through the aisles one by one (I do this when I have time), I found something that made my heart skip!

Ladies tops from P100 to P299. One of my greatest finds to date were the Baby Gap rash guards for P150. So cute I want to get them all!

Below are some nice finds at MOA Hypermart. Pajama tops at P150 (although I've bought a pair with bottoms at one bazaar for P150), sports bras, the coral sleeveless F21 top is P199 and the kids dresses are I think Gap at P150 each.

Aside from SM, I've  enjoyed shopping at Shopwise for everyday undies and shirts for kids.

So now when I go to the grocery, it takes me twice the time to shop. The husband is not amused but the wife is so, so happy!

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