Playdates and why it's not just about play

My body is showing signs of aging. I almost can't keep up with our energetic boy. That plus the fact that I do have to work at home sometimes, or the fact I'm too tired, make me turn down a few of his requests to "come play with me mom. laro po tayo".

That is why I jump at opportunities to join playdates. The boy gets to have his fill of play, and mom gets to chat with like-minded mommies.

The setting of the playdate is the wonderful Tribeca Residences where they have this bigger-than-the-malls play area and the piece de resistance' : a football field!

Found his buddy (Mec's son) for the afternoon as they are the bigger kids in that batch.

Posing at the bleachers.

 After going through several shirts, it's time for the art activity.

 All geared up and waiting for instructions from Teacher Khrizzy.

 In full concentration.

And then this was unveiled and became an instant magnet for the kids.

Here are the kids with their artwork.

In between play, I managed to grab him to pose for a souvenir shot.

It was a riot getting the kids to pose properly. And we were looking in different directions.

Before said bye and thanks to our hosts for the day, Tita Mec obliged and showed Jared some knitting basics. Thanks, Mec!

Until the next play date!

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