Let's Talk About Weight

If I were a kid, I'd fail the marshmallow test. Big time.

I'm always excited, too excited. Thankfully, I also know when to keep my mouth shut so secrets are safe with me. =)

So even before this diet program comes to a full completion, I am already reporting my progress.

I'm average-sized ever since I can remember. I wear medium-sized clothes, wear sample size shoes. I'm of average height for a Filipina. I didn't care about what I eat, or how much I eat.

But it's true that as you age, your metabolism slows. More so if you get zero exercise (or if like me, exercise comes in bursts like 2 days straight in a month).

When I got married in 2006, I must have been 115 lbs. It quickly ballooned to 120 lbs, then to 130 lbs and my weight before giving birth was 160 lbs.

I lost all the baby weight and more through breastfeeding so by the time Jared celebrated his first birthday, I was 116 lbs again.

I've lessened my carb and calorie intake, but no matter how little I eat, my weight will only go down by 1-2 lbs.

Anyway, this post is really just to motivate me further. A little over a week into this diet, I can fit into a size 6 dress again!

I prepare my own food, bring my food with me everywhere. To work, when we go out malling, when we attend birthdays. I ignore the all too enticing smell of food and I brush my teeth when I get the cravings.

So far, I've lost 9 lbs in 10 days. And today, I will bring out all my old dresses which I thought I can never wear again. Despite of the rain, and the misgiving about not being able to enjoy champorado in this cool weather, I will carry on. =)

Will post about my diet in detail by September. Let's see if I can keep this weight off.

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