Summer in Manila: Our McDonald's Kiddie Crew

If given a chance to eat one food for the rest of his summer vacation, I'm pretty sure this 5 year old would say "one piece chicken and rice, please" from where else but McDonald's!

I've been blogging about our love for the McDo on a hill, and how we always treasure our weekend mornings there. Working at his favorite place would surely thrill him no end. Thanks to mama who found out we can actually enroll him at 5, because I've read materials the minimum age is 6.

The Uniform (and snacks)

Even before his 5- day stint officially began, the parents and guardians were asked to come in for a brief orientation. With the P500 fee, the kids were issued a kiddie crew shirt, an apron, a cap and a sling bag! That alone was worth maybe more than the fee already. Not to mention they also provide snacks to the kids before their duty ends everyday.

The Duty
Of course I was more than excited for my son to begin his actual "work". He was enrolled on April 8 to 12. Good thing we have the April 9 holiday so we get to watch him on the floor.

He got to be an assistant at the cashier
studying the order slip

reading it, or trying to

looking for utensils and tissue

Helped at the takeout counter

He mostly placed tissue on the trays and was heard saying " what, tissue again!" After placing tissue at a customer's tray probably for the nth time.

Welcomed and thanked the guests

Welcome to McDonald's and Thank you for coming!

hmm,  play or work?

tired na?

all smiles

Served food


Aside from the duty, they also participated in some fun stuff!

Learned the "Do the Ronald" dance
Like singing, and dancing.

Dance away (never mind if he's in the opposite direction =) )

Painted their apron

He loves anything involving paint and this one is no different.

And the highlight: made their own burger!

ahhh, will post the photos once I find them

The Awarding

If the 5 days weren't special enough, they received special pins and certificates towards the end of the program.
A this point in time our son must have felt he can do anything!!!!

Thank you, Mcdo!

I'd be forever thankful to whoever started this summer activity. True, the kids were sometimes a handful, and in truth, was slowing them down more than being of help. But the crew at Mcdo were so helpful and good at this already the kids felt they were truly helping. In fact, my son was so proud of his work stint he continues to wear his kiddie crew shirt as much as he can long after those 5 memorable days were over.


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