A No Frills Father's Day Celebration

While I make every occasion a big deal, the daddy could not care less. Give him a gift, gift him a peck on the cheek, he is fine with any (or none I think).

But we could not let Father's Day go without making him something, not when I made a big deal out of Mother's Day again just the month before.

Early morning, while dad was away, we prepared our materials: blank keychain (about P35 at National Bookstore),  our plain white mugs from Uniwide (P12 each), and our sharpies. Oh, we found chocolates, too.

The boy took his "work" seriously. He loved using the word "work"

After several minutes of writing and more erasing....

Tadahhhhh. My work is in front while the boy erased and placed his finishing touches again.

For the keychains, I cut out sticker paper and let him write on it. He wrote a heart and a circle with an X mark. I wonder what it means...

Showing off the keychain and the chocolate wrap.

 We put all our gifts together with the breakfast tray and presented it to daddy.

Before the day ended, I remembered I bought him a shirt a few days before to wear when we go out for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, the boy was a bit under the weather so we all stayed home and he wore this shirt right before bed time.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

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