The Mcdo on a Hill

the slight uphill climb from the parking area

This is where you can usually find our family on a given Saturday.

Once, years ago, the flatland that the ATC area is now used to be rolling hills.

An atop one of those hills is our favorite weekend hang out.

Here are photos of the best Mcdo branch, in my little son's opinion.

This branch is always bustling with activity. On a weekend, students before practice probably, bikers, joggers and families converge at this spot.

We love it because the play area is separate from the dining area.

We can relax and read the papers, cover to cover, while our son roams around the place.

Kids are more gentle, kinder and friendlier here.

It's a great way to start the weekend right.

Bye, bye, Mcdo! See you next week

1 comment:

Gracie said...

this is my favorite branch, too! i still remember when ATC was called Ayala Twin. we would always eat at McDonald's before or after a movie. one time nga we ate there (i can't remember what year but it was Dec 25) with the Zobels :) traffic was bad going to Big Bang Alabang so we ended up just hanging out at McDonald's atop the hill :)

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