The Professional Heckler

If I might borrow the title of one very popular blog, then my son is one.

This is one instance I truly regret not charging my cellphone, or the digicam.
About three weeks ago, I brought jared to watch his dad’s basketball game.
My guess is, he will be thrilled.

And he was! Very much. 

Presenting my son, the professional heckler.

His lines were:

Oh no, dad, you missed!

Here dad, here’s another ball for you (pointing to their team’s spare ball)

Then one player missed his free throw. Jared says:

Number 11, you missed!

Number 29, uh oh. Almost….

And he says these things in a really loud voice.
Then the following day, my son uttered what I think is the sweetest thing he has ever said to his dad.
"You're the best basketball player dad"
"..... but you lost yesterday"

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