Blame it on genes.

Our son, a precocious 4 year old has been diagnosed wiith asthma.

We already knew he bhad allergic rhinitis, something by OB warned us about when he checked our medical histories during our first check up.

It got worse lately, and prompted us to bring him to a pedia allergologist.

So now, part of our Saturday routine is to bring him to the clinic for his immunology shot. He is allergic to dust mites.

We are just thankful that what he has is treatable or managable, and its just to dust mites. I can't imagine him being allergic to his favorite chicken!

Here's the brave boy receiving the first of many allergen shots: he flinched but did not cry. And no tears as well during the allergy testing the week before.

Love the Healthway clinic at Festival Mall. I love the sunny space.

Asking the good doctor if the shot will hurt.

"You know Doctora I am 4 years old, almost high school na." This cracked us up!

It was nothing, mom!

His reward: a Mcdo meal, eaten at French Baker. Yey for French Baker's new store at Southmall.

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Nicole said...

Hi Leslie,

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but Earl is also allergic to dust mites. His allergologist advised us to buy anti-dust mite pillow and mattress encasings so that he won't be breathing it in at night. She also recommended the brand Mission Allergy which is available in the US. We just asked a relative to send it over via balikbayan box.

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