An Afternoon of Art

After the hectic day that was Saturday, the troop turned in as early as 7:30 a.m. and woke up refreshed 11 hours later.

We needed to tackle a lot of cleaning, loads of clothes of wash but the cool weather cooperated and we were done with chores at 10, just in time to cook our favorite weekend lunch of sinigang na hipon and fried galunggong.

By afternoon, we tackled a more enjoyable task: our arts and crafts.

Little boy found fabric crayons in his room, we got an old white shirt and drew our artwork.

It was a collaboration: mommy drew the sun, clouds and sea, daddy the tree, and Jared those little shapes he called traffic cones.

I was also prodded to do another masterpiece in his sando: don't laugh but this is my dragon.

After stopping at 2 shirts, the little boy went on his own businesses and opened one of the doctor sets I brought as gifts (done with my Christmas shopping-- a record for me) and played the serious doc.

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