In Love with Chairs

For a family of 3, we seriously have a lot of chairs in the house.

Our L-shaped sofa can seat maybe 7, we have an orange cleopatra chair and a green arm chair with a foot stool.

I have a striped round ottoman, a swivel chair (which I still have to refurbish), my work desk chair, and dining chairs of course. Then for Jared's room, we had a daybed made. He also has his own study chair, and a plastic monobloc I spray painted.

Okay, so what is this fascination with chairs?

Hmm, I don't know.

Maybe, being small, it makes them easy to handle, and easy to refurbish. It makes me feel like a handywoman, it fulfills my need to create (or mess things up, depending on how you look at it).
But it has a purpose: for seating, or as an accent, or a holder for things.

Recently, on a thrifting trip, I salvaged these 3 rusting chairs for P50 each (or about a $1.30)

With some patience, a good arm for scrubbing away the rust, a spray paint to transform them, I wish to turn the to something like this.

And this chair (which has been stripped like this for close to a year already)

To this

Now, if only I have 4 day weekends. =)

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