Eraser Painting

Saturday is officially our arts and crafts day. I usually come prepared with materials from my stash, and interesting activities we can do, mostly from Pinterest.

This is another pinterest inspired craft.

I was feeling particularly lazy but can I resist the "pyease mom, arts n crafts" look from my boy?  Of course... not. =)

I hurriedly open my pink and yellow filing cabinets (more on that on future posts) and it yielded a canvas, some paint and a pencil, the 3 things we need for this craft.

Show him once what to do, and let him fill the canvass with paint. Dot, dot, dot he goes with the eraser. Will also work well with stamp pads instead of paint.

This is my work area at home, which I have yet to photograph properly and blog here.

He was quiet and occupied for about 15 minutes. Enough time for mommy to check quickly check FB and Pinterest.

I should start displaying his artwork in his room one of these days. The collection is growing.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Hey, that's cute! If you let him do two more of the same theme, you can hang it as a series =)

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