My Own Handyman

At 4 years old, one of my young son's greatest wish is to be a true blue handyman.

He looks up to Mang Edgar as he tinkers and fixes things around our house. He follows him everywhere! He wants his own drill, screw driver and hammer: not toys but the real kind.

As I was reupholstering our dining chairs again, the boy insisted now on following me. So I let him.
Watching him like this made me laugh. Funny little boy.

Wiggle, wiggle like a worm to get under the chair. His tummy almost gets in the way. Haha.

Get the screw driver

Hmmm, what did mommy do to this chair? Messy chair bottom, right? I did not nother to trim or hide the cloth edges properly since I thought nobody would look at the bottom, anyway. Wrong!

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