Welcome, July! Hello, Picasso!

The first of July had us on house arrest, the daddy is down with cough for the past two weeks and had been advised to rest.

My itchy feet have to be kept in check and we were bored for a while. That is until we started our Sunday Arts and Crafts day!

Really, this weekend planning of activities take up some time because our boy likes having activities one after the other. Of course, I would not deny him that as long as my energy and my stash of supplies permit.

With our big canvass, some paint, my new paintbrushes and a roll of kraft paper in place, we got down to business.

Before I handed him the canvass, I made the letters E-A-T using masking tape. So the little boy just had to splash and play with paint.

And paint he did...

It was also my filing day at home so excuse the mess in the background.

Note to self: buy big tubs of paint. This yellow tub was out in no time and we used blue and green instead. Hmm, off the plan as I wanted this to go up our dining room wall (need something in yellow).

I have to find my digicam. My phonecam pics are getting worse.

The masterpiece.

Then, with the tip of a knife, slowly pell off the masking tape. Make sure you do this while the paint is still wet, for more crisp lines.

And we have a masterpiece!

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