The August 8 Flood

If I were to compare it to a friend, Taft Avenue, is an old pal.

Seeing it almost everyday for 17 years  (high school and my stay here at the company I work for), I enjoy walking along the tree-line United Nations Avenue, one of the nicest and cleanest streets along Taft.

But last August 8, it showed its different side. The scary side.

Look at this flood!
Taken from our office at the 5th Floor

Taft Avenue and the bus= parting of the red sea
No shortage of help and kindred spirits

Plaza de Salamanca
Had to ride a padyak on the last stretch of UN Avenue since the flood water is too high for sedans

I need my rain boots and an emergency stash of food, alchohol and towel in the car and at the office.

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