Science Experiment #2: Fizzling, Sizzling Fun with Baking Soda

Anything involving a mess, este =) colors in all its form (chalk, crayon, watercolor, paint, food color, will make my son happy these days.

My constant troll on Pinterest yielded this amazing, entertaining and cheap (stress on the cheap) way to entertain a preschooler for about hmmm, 30 minutes.

Prepare things from your kitchen: I only needed my cookie sheet, food colors, the ever-reliable baking soda (more on its use on succeeding posts) and vinegar.

Add a few drops of color to vinegar in small containers. Spread a thin layer of baking soda on the cookie sheet. Droppers would be recommended but Jared outgrew the droppers a long time ago. I'm glad we kept a syringe (no needle) and used that instead. Better than the spoons.

Prepare to add droplets to the baking soda and be amazed!

He is looking like a mad scientist here.

It fizzles!!!

Even mommy is amazed. =)

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