Asserting His Independence

Oh my, my boy is a baby no more! 

My own bag. He insists on bringing his own bag with his things: toys and food, when we go out.

Big Bike for a Big Boy. Recently, he has learned to ride his big bike--a birthday surprise from Grandma.

Eats without requiring assitance from us. On a recent trip to Subic, he left our table to join the big boys at the other table and heartily ate his chicken and rice. Alll on his own.

No more tears. No more crying during his last boooster shot!

Wants to go to the Big School. It will be a logistics nightmare if we enroll him in the big school now -- he'll probably be the first one to be picked up by the service, and me thinks he is too young to ride the service by himself (without grandma or another adult we trust). He passed the entrance exam with a perfect score (well, except for the attiude part-- as explained by the guidance counselor, which is the ki'ds behavior while taking the test).

1 comment:

Faye Paras said...

big boy ka na nga Jared! hope to see you soon! :) btw les, si maia first to be picked up and last drop but so far so good. sana wag magsawa or mapagod.

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