Happiness in a Cupcake

We've been seeing this cupcake in Pinterest for the longest time, but they look time-consuming to make. And without househelp, I was not up to the task of washing a lot of bowls and dishes this baking project would require.

But, an inspection of the cupboard yielded a Betty Crocker Angel Cake mix, which would cut the process by half. So, we took on the challenge.

All we needed to do was add water, milk and oil to the cake mix. I read, again in Pinterest, that for a richer cake mix, replace oil with melted butter and replace water with milk.

Mix, mix and mix some more.

Then the fun part begins!

Separate the mix in smaller bowls. Add drops of color....

And voila! A rainbow in your kitchen!

Layer the batter one at a time.

Remember to pose in between =)

Extend your patience and wait for it to bake. The boy was so excited he camped out in front of the oven, with a flashlight, waiting for the prescribed number of minutes for the cupcakes to bake.

Alas, it took longer than usual because the cupcakes were brimming and we churned out giant cupcakes.

Still, despite the paleness in color (use poweder or gel color mix next time--something I can't find in the market yet), now my son thinks I'm a kitchen genius who can whip out delightful things in the kitchen.

If happiness can be described by a cupcake, then we had our slice that afternoon.

Eat and enjoy!

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