Musings of a 4 Year Old on Having a Working Mom

There are days recently that it literally pains me to go to the office.

Aside from my boy pulling my arm, or leg, or clinging to my neck, the words coming out from him are so pure and true I always wonder if working and securing his future is more important than being with him now--in his formative years.

I still do not have the answer, and I don't think realistically, we can survive as a one-income household (with my plenty of wants!) and there is still a part of me that gets fulfillment in my career (if I were a basketball player--last year and this year is a career high for me).

I am documenting these exchanges between mother and son-- I didn' expect I will need to asnwer to such questions as a mom until much, much later.

* * *

J: Mom, I will pull off your arm.
Me: Why?
J: So you canot go to work na.

* * *

J: Mommy, you don't care for me na.
Me: That's not true, I care for you.
J: No, you don't. Because you don't bring me to school everyday.

* * *

I called the house and talked to him.
J: Mommy, I'm sad. You always go to the office.

* * *
We always tell him mommy has to work so we can buy food, and clothes and toy cars.
One day...

J: Mom, I don't want to buy any more Ferrari car. I have two cars na o. Enough na.

* * *
Tired at the mall. This is his sad face when we leave for the office in the mornings

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