A Boy's Best Friend

I had my first dog at 11 when we moved to Las Pinas and there was space to actually raise a dog. I named him Lassie. =)

He was this big and huggable Great Dane, and I bathed him and fed him and played with him. Sadly, he passed away from what I believe to this day, was poisoning. I had a string of dogs after: Tetchie, Donkey (he looked like one when we got him), Milky but no one compared to my dear, old boy Lassie. I offered gumamela at his grave in our backyard for a month after he left us--that was how much I loved him.

My husband has had his fair share of pet dogs, too and would often tell of the pet he carried from their house at Muntinlupa to the town (Bayan) to look for a vet.

But given our current set up, there is no way we can have a pet now.

So, our son has sort of adopted my in-laws' house pet Sab.

Hi, Sab!

I'm also a dog, mom (and proceeded to lick the floor!!!)

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