Things I Need in the House

I never realized you need so many things to make your house livable, meaning one that could function as a normal household everyday with normal chores like cooking, cleaning etc until we moved in last Saturday.

We've bought so many things in the past 3 months that I thought we're complete already-- but case in point, we have a range and oven but no regulator and gas tank!

I'm going over the house in my mind because I am here typing in my mother's house-- we have no wifi yet-- and here's what I remember are missing:

For the bathroom:
- towel/s- (color preference: brown, orange and yellow. yung 100% cotton)
- towel rack-stainless steel, there is this nice looking one I saw at Wilcon, matte look, if I remember correctly brand is Kasch
- hamper - calling Tita Ye =)
- a set of pail, dipper -- preferably orange

For the Kitchen
- electric steamer
- cheese grater
- plate drip
- cooking tools (sandok, syanse)
- a set (12 pairs sana) of spoon and fork ( that does not bend when used)
- kitchen towels - dami at SM, martha stewart
- stainless steel sabitan of my coveted sandok, syanse etc
- carafe - for iced tea at Japan Home Store, P66 each lang
- can opener
- lock and lock freezer storage
- lock and lock container for pasta, for cereals etc etc

- potted herbs - i want to have my own herb garden
- aluminum trash can
- there is this holder of mop, broom I saw at Howards Storage
- black hangers
- ironing board
- ladder

I wish i could complete everything before the housewarming next month.

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