My Mandaue Foam Loot

2 views of our living room. I had to post the first one eventhough the ottoman isn't there because that's the shot with my beloved sunburst mirror.

A few posts ago, I mentioned my new happy place that is Mandaue Foam.

I'm now posting my loot from that initial visit:

leaf printed throw pillows. the base is a shiny brown and has printed green and burgundy vines on it. looks perfect on our couch although the husband complains we have too many pillows already. This is P280 each and with the 20% opening discount, a real steal.

The ottoman is the perfect pair to our bright orange cleopatra seat. It is pale yellow with thin striped of yellow and green all over. This is about P980 less the discount already.


Madam Misis Mummy said...

love the color scheme sis!

Nicole said...

Hi Leslie, I really like the ottoman and the mirror! It's too bad we can't buy furniture yet (no budget) as I would have also wanted to take advantage of their opening sale.

By the way, I misunderstood the comment you made about your range-hood - my sister pointed out that I completely got everything mixed up =( Is there a way to isolate the cabinet above the range-hood so that would be the only thing that will be fixed? Can the ones beside it be re-positioned?

Got to Believe said...

thanks, maqui! sometimes i also think of red accents like your japanese room. =)

Got to Believe said...

hi nicole,

i went there on the last day of the sale and there was this console selling for 3K! sadly nabili na but ok na din because laminated wood and i read your post yesterday on what happend to your cabinet so i'll wait it out and buy a better quality one.

on the cabinets, naku, it's giving me a huge headache but if i tear the cabinet off on top of the stove, sayang yung paint job. =(

glad your renovation is going well.

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