Moving In Day

I thought I'd be able to post a lot of photos of this day but upon review of what I had on the digicam, only these photos were available:

We've had the house for 2 years and most of our stuff were in there already we only had to move Jared's cabinet, a single bed for one of the rooms and our clothes.

Plans went awry and the original truck supposed to pick us up did not materialize and this truck on the photos I was able to contact only at the last minute. They made it to the house an hour after my phone call.

Given that, we were still excited. Our first time as a family to sleep in the house!

Now I have to face (the dreaded) issue of running a household. That will for sure be the subject of a future post.

1 comment:

ivymarasigan said...

its not as hard as it seems, sis. kaya mo yan! hehe. been doing it for more than 3 yrs now and its great! you're now the queen in your new home :)

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