Hello, Lolo!

If he had lived 14 years longer, he would have witnessed the birth of his grandson and for sure, it would have brought immeasurable joy to him.

He has 2 daughters and although I’m certain we've made him happy in his too short a life, he’d have found a different joy being with a grandson.

Early morning of November 1, we headed off to visit papa at the cemetery. We didn’t have a tent because the clan skipped cemetery-hopping this year and opted for a get-together two weeks before (which incidentally is also the 60th birthday celebration of mama and the 5oth birthday celebration of Tita Lay).

So, instead of the usual 40-something group, we were down to 5, including Jared, and the drizzle made us cut the visit short.

This is Jared's 3rd Nov 1 at the cemetery and his "Hello, Lolo" surely made papa smile.

sleepy and probably hungry. chubby, chubby cheeks!

showing off his big tummy

giggling at something

giving mommy a good morning kiss

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