Why Condo Living Isn't for Us (Now)

a 3 month pregnant me at the foyer of the condo unit

I've seen condos being constructed left and right and even I drool over their model units but with a child, it really isn't for us at this point.

When I was pregnant and was always in fear of losing our baby, our doctor advised that the long trip to and from work (1 - 1.5 hours each way) is taking its toll on me so either we find a place near our workplace or I stop working until I deliver the baby.

Hubby searched high and low for apartments in the area and I was losing hope we'll ever find one when his colleague at work offered their condo unit.

It was perfect for us then.

It was small, sure but it was just me and him and it made cleaning so much easier.

We wake up at 7 am to reach the office by 8, and by that I mean hubby drives me to my office first then proceeds to his.

When he picks me up at night, me buy food before going home. As soon as we reach our unit, we eat dinner, watch some TV. Then settle on the foam (there was no way I can go up the loft to sleep) we set up at the living room to watch our fave series on DVD. Then hubby will make some popcorn, prepare iced tea for him and Anmum for me.

That went on for 7 months and it was the time of our lives! I never had to worry about security even if I'm left alone at times I was on bed rest. And hubby's office is just actually less than 5 minutes away. Lovely set up, if you ask me.

With the size of the unit, we still had friends over and we loved the coziness of it all. I even had relatives sleep over -- all 8 of us in an approximately 20 sq m unit. =)
We loved our stay there in a major, major way.

But with a baby, now a very active toddler, I can't imagine us living in a condo like what we had before. We need a bigger space, with a wide yard and a happy, yellow kitchen. That is the family home I dream of (though in my dreams, we have 2 floors), and that is what we have now which we just need to fill with happy memories.

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deirdre g said...

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