My grandfather is Chinese. He came to the Philippines from Amoy when he was 17. My family tree warrants an entire post but the intro is necessary to understand why in our family, we have peculiar nicknames.

Angkong (grandfather) can talk in Tagalog but with a definite Chinese twang (twang!). He had difficulty pronouncing names and so it was said my cousins' nicknames were created just so he can pronounce them. The nicknames I tell you are so far from their real names.

With that, I present my cousins:

Pong-Pong (who is giving birth anytime, soon. kaya mo yan!)

Ton-ton (with daughter Tracy who is the eldest among the newest batch of cousins)

Sing-sing (and son Cyrus--the youngest for now. but not for long )

Ding-dang (not technically a repeat but very, very close)

We also have a Che-che, a Jing-jing and a host of other names repeatedly said and passed of as nicknames. =)I'm just too lazy to lift pics off their FB accounts.

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