Confessions of a Blog Stalker

Hi, I'm Leslie and I'm a blog stalker. =)

Oh, yes, I am! I love peeking into the blogs of other people because:

1. When my baby was just born, the blogs I frequent helped calm me. That I wasn't alone in feeling I'm not a good enough mom, that most new moms are also going through the same sleepless nights, breastfeeding issues etc.

2. During my maternity leave, It was my connection to the outside world. As a person always on the go, I was happy with a baby, but unhappy I can't go out, try new restaurants, be with friends. I was updated and that was a lot of help in battling with the baby blues or maybe the reason why (aside from a very supportive family) I didn't go through the baby blues at all.

3. I get ideas of places to go, complete with photos and often times, budget you need to allocate on each place. With toddler that we need to constantly entertain, this is a big, big help!I dream, dream about the vacations we'll have and it helps to visualize things, right?

4. I read the blogs of mommies with children the same age as my son. Here, I can compare notes on parenting styles, on how they discipline their children and on milestones and developments at a certain age. It made me a wreck when my baby was younger-- why is my son not crawling yet when other babies his age already are- but I am past this and now I just enjoy reading the blogs. They're more helpful to me than the books I read. The experiences are from real-life moms who I feel I can connect to.

5. And lastly, I get to ask the mommies which products are the best they've tried and where to buy these stuff. Mommies search high and low for the best to give their babies and that makes them the best resource persons. I've made quite a few purchases based on what I've read in other blogs.

So thank you to the blogs who keep me entertained and are a source of new learnings to me. I may not know you personally, but I do feel like I have a circle of friends in blogsphere.

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