Cute Jammies

Okay, my son really is so "pawisin" that his everyday outfit consists on white sandos and his briefs. In fact, he's so used to this outfit that when we dress him differently, he will go in front of the mirror and say "Podi" (for pogi or handsome).

But the mommy in me could not resist buying him these cute pajama sets.

Set 1: Monsters

Set 2: Animals

Set 3: Rocket (but he took off the bottom part)

He's gotten so big that the bottoms look more like tights. I do think they are designed to look and fit that way. Better protection from the dreaded dengue, if you ask me and doesn't he look so cute in a winnie-the-pooh way?

1 comment:

*mae* said...

Super fitted na nga ung bottoms nagmukha ng tights! Hehe!

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