Telltale Signs we have a Toddler in the House

It's 4 am and I couldn't go back to sleep. Our toddler woke up to drink cold water and my, my, he's really so big now and so making his presence felt in this house.

1. Our house, or my mother's house, spic and span before the baby, is now in eternal mess. Well, maybe not eternal as we are moving out soon.

2. We have a cornucopia of baby food in the house--oatmeal and wheatgerm, koko crunch cereals, bread sticks, milo etc.

3. You couldn't sit on the couch without your bum hitting something. There is always a toy hidden there somewhere.

4. His things are everywhere. Clothes in his closet in our room, extra clothes at lola's room, and still some more at his tati's (aunt) room.

5. You couldn't watch TV properly--not when it isn't Thomas and friends, or Baby Einstein, or Dora.

6. Speaking of #5, his DVD tape collection now rival that os his dad's!

7. And, we even have Jollibee ketchup in the bathroom.

Weird, no? He adores Jollibee and he hates getting his hair wet--so our solution was to bring in his favorite inside the bathroom so we can give him at least a decent bath.

I'm sure I can add more to the list, but it is 4 am and my brain isn't functioning at full speed yet.

Gotta go and try to sleep now. We'll be in Mcdo in a few hours for our Saturday morning breakfast.

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